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Color Instrumentation and color standards are great tools to help you manage color st many different locations
Bench Top Units
Used primarily in the central lab, bench top spectrophotometers provide precise, in-depth readings that can be easily reproduced for manufacturing. The adjustable aperture settings providing versatility without sacrificing accuracy.
Hand-Held Units
Portable, easy to use, and provide quick, accurate readings on a wide range of materials. Can be used anywhere from the office to the production floor, so there is no need for samples.
Multi-Angle Units
Multi-angle spectrophotometers are used to measure metallic, pearl, and other finishes that may have different appearances from different angles.
Color Verifications
Color verification systems are essential in any type of assembly process. A color verification system such as VeriColor can save your business from color catastrophe.
On Line Units
For more information about our On-Line instruments, visit our
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