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Personnel Audit: Test the adequacy of employees making color decisions.
Color Blindness Testing
If your employees are making color decisions or are required to differentiate color in the workplace, Global Color Systems can administer a color blindness test to ensure your employees are helping your business be as efficient as possible.
Color Aptitude Test
Color aptitude is the ability to differentiate between slight variations of color. If an employees lacks this ability and misses a discolored product it can result in catastrophe for your business. Global Color Systems can give you employees a color aptitude test to help your business avoid color catastrophe.
- Both of these tests are a necessity for employees making color decisions in the workplace
- A person can be deficient without knowing it if they have never been tested, so it is essential to test employees
- Quick, easy, and effective
- These simple tests can save your business from color catastrophe
- Evaluate new employees or aspiring applicants to find the most qualified individuals
***the graphics provided are simply examples of what one can expect and are not sufficient to test color blindness or color aptitude***
A color aptitude would look similar to this
This is an example if what you might see on a color blindness test