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Having trouble controlling color? we offer a variety of products for any type of color control problem you have
Color Instrumentation GCS has over 25 years of experience in every kind of color measuring instrumentation from spectrophotometers to CCD measurement devices. We will develop an instrumentation program that will not only allow you to measure your products but establish acceptability ranges for them both internally and for external suppliers. We will also help you get the most out of any instrumentation that you may already have. Click to learn more Gloss and Appearance Measurement Devices
Gloss is a very important aspect of the appearance of any product. It is tied directly to the way humans view any object and has a tremendous effect on the way that we see color and interpret color. The idea of a glossmeter is to quantify the amount of gloss that an object has. It measures the amount of light reflected off a sample at a specific angle. The standard viewing angles of gloss meter are 20, 45, 60, 75, and 85 degrees. It is important to use the correct angle to measure the gloss of an object. Click to learn more
On-line Color Management
Use color instruments from Global Color Systems to manage color on the assembly line to ensure smooth, color-consistent production. Click to learn more
Lighting Environments
Consistent lighting is a must in any color program. Because color is a function of light. GCS has the ability to manage all of your color corrected lighting needs. From designing a complete lighting solution for many different locations to providing a single light booth. Click to learn more
Color Standards Additional Products
Global Color Systems offers additional products such as standard back material and more. Click to learn more
Color standards allow you to have a consistent way to represent your brand colors and protect all of your trademarks. We will work with you to develop a color standards program that will allow you to specify color to all of your suppliers locally, regionally or even globally. We will design a custom program to fit your business and your budget. Click to learn more